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News That Irritate & Disgust My Political Compass

There are so many things happening around the world today that is contributing to the decline of civilized society. There is no questioning we can not fix everything. But we can do something about some of the things that are happening in our own back yard if we just don’t bury our head in the preverbal sand.

Every morning I turn on the news in order to stay abreast of what’s going on around the world. I look at all the news sources so I am not bombarded with biases. Without exception there is always a report of something so irritating & disgusting that I just can not ignore it. It is these kinds of news items, along with “My View”, you will find on this site.

I don’t mind telling you I get pretty irate about some of the crap I see & hear on the news. In this case, my basic definition of “crap” covers four categories: people who don’t tell the truth, tell half truths, slant the truth in their favor, and just outright lie & mislead; people who abuse their position; people who try to come across as moral, deceit, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens but in truth are hypocrites; and those who think Political Correctness is their answer to forcing the rest of the world to live by their desires.

I can assure you that my comments on a particular post are not infiltrated with biases, or any preconceived personal agenda other than trying to point out the truth. My views will not be slanted because I favor any organization, any deep-seeded faith, or any political party (On my political view, link to “My Political Compass” above). In fact, you are probably going to find that my view doesn’t resemble many views you are accustom to. That’s because I believe in very basic rights & wrongs, no matter what the issue is.

It is my deepest conviction that we citizens can do something about many of the things you will read about on this site. We must get involved, even though it may be the smallest of parts. We should remember that silence is acceptance. If it is a political issue, we can bombard our so-called government representative with demand for change. If it’s a social issue, religious issue, business issue, freedom issue, personal rights infringement issue, etc. we can bombard the offending party(s) with demands that we are not going to accept it or put up with it. Past history has proven when enough people yell loud enough, long enough, people listen. But if we do nothing, then we have no right to complain. And we can’t take the attitude that so many take; “it really isn’t affecting me now, so I don’t care!” Let’s get involved, and at the very least, make an attempt.

This is a blog. Therefore, if you take issue with my view point on a particular post I invite you to leave a comment. But remember; I do not believe the minority should rule nor do I believe the majority should sacrifice for the few. I also do not believe someone else’s values should be pushed off on me. So with that in mind, pick a particular post, or as many as you like, to read and leave your comments.

You will not be able to leave comments on this page but you can leave comments on individual post.

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